Personalized and transformational, a Furman education now includes the Pathways Program®.

This set of four required one-credit courses teaches every student how to take full advantage of their Furman experience and ultimately graduate ready for successful and meaningful careers and lives.

Graduate ready for successful and meaningful careers and lives.

What is the Pathways Program®?

The backbone of The Furman Advantage is the four-year pathway which begins with the Pathways Program®, a unique 2-year program required for first-year students and sophomores. Students take a one-credit hour course each semester they are on campus for their first two years at Furman.

In the first year

Students meet with their Pathways Program®, class, their advisor, and a peer mentor each week for 50 minutes. The curriculum focuses on successfully transitioning to college by not only focusing on skills such as time management, effective study strategies and stress management, but also by building a foundation of self-awareness and reflection, helping students learn who they are, what they value and where their interests lie.

In the second year

The Pathways Program® course encourages students to think about how to integrate their academics, their engaged learning experiences such as study away, research and internships, and their career goals. They build a resume, have an informational interview with an alumnus and learn other basic career skills. Students also discuss leadership and learn how to tell their story.

After these first two years, juniors and seniors continue their pathway at the department level, where information builds on what students learn in years one and two, tailored to their specific majors.

In the major, students will have the opportunity to reflect on what they’re learning through their major classes and related experiences and how this learning prepares them for opportunities after Furman.

They will also learn what careers or graduate school options are available to them, whether they’re majoring in chemistry or theatre, economics or health sciences, or any other field.

This carousel is presenting alumnus.
Adrian  Gonzalez '24, Physics and Applied Mathematics double major, Former Pathways Student, Future Pathways Peer Mentor

Meet An Alumnus

"Pathways gave me access to the resources Furman provides, which helped to advance my career path and focus on my strengths. With strengths assessment and putting me in contact with Furman alumni in my field of interest, I was able to better envision myself in the workplace and recognize the value I bring to solving a problem."
Adrian Gonzalez '24, Physics and Applied Mathematics double major, Former Pathways Student, Future Pathways Peer Mentor
Vincent McCoy '22, Educational Studies major, Pathways Peer Mentor

Meet An Alumnus

"As a first-generation college student and as a Peer Mentor, one benefit that is really transparent throughout the Pathways Peer Mentoring Program is that it creates a level playing field for ALL students regardless of background, as it provides students with a basic understanding of college that ultimately pave the way for ALL first-year students to excel, thrive, and succeed."
Vincent McCoy '22, Educational Studies major, Pathways Peer Mentor
Srikar  Alapati '23, Chemistry major, Former Pathways Student, Future Pathways Peer Mentor

Meet An Alumnus

"Pathways is a unique program that helps students learn how to be a better version of themselves in order to succeed at Furman. Each of the modules contains a lot of lessons for students reflect on and apply to their daily schedules, making it very easy to understand and helpful in the long term."
Srikar Alapati '23, Chemistry major, Former Pathways Student, Future Pathways Peer Mentor

“Exposing students to possibilities while they are undergraduates gives them a more concrete idea of what they want to do. At graduation they have a better sense of how what they have learned at Furman informs what they want to do next, and the steps they need to take to get there.”

Michelle Horhota
Associate Dean for Mentoring and Advising
Professor of Psychology

What makes the Pathways Program® unique?

Many universities offer opportunities for engaged learning – internships, research and study away – and an opportunity to meet with a career counselor. At Furman, we have created a unique structure and integrated approach that guides students intentionally in the first two years through a common curriculum so that students are prepared to make the best choices for themselves and their futures.

  • The Pathways Program® integrates advising and mentoring with a comprehensive curriculum that shares key information and resources to students at the right time.
  • The Pathways Program® lays the foundation for making intentional choices about what comes next and ensures that all students are aware of the possibilities available to them.
  • When students move into the departmental programming in their majors, they already have started thinking about what matters to them and what their strengths are.
  • Major-specific experiences in the third and fourth year help students prepare for careers or graduate school options in their chosen discipline.

The result: Thriving students

In the first year of the fully scaled Pathways Program® we experienced many early successes, including:

  • increases in first-year to second-year retention (3%), first generation college student retention (6%), and retention for students of color (11%)
  • increased advising satisfaction and improved perception of overall educational experience (from 87% in 2018 to 94% in Spring 2023)
  • increased first-year students’ sense of belonging (9%) and increased feeling that they matter (10%) when compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019

Click here to view the 2022-2023 Pathways Program® Report and learn more.



“Pathways and my Pathways mentor taught me how to be a student and build good study habits, and encouraged me to reach my full potential. I feel confident and prepared to take on any challenge and make the most of my education.”

Delilah Evelyn ’23, Education major

Pathways Program Course Information

Read more about Pathways Program courses below

Lauren’s four-year pathway

Lauren Jones ’22
Major: Neuroscience
Tucker, Georgia

“Furman wasn’t always easy, and on my journey of branching out, I learned what was and what was not meant for me,” Jones says. “It took time, but I believe I found my purpose at Furman. Furman has a lot to offer; you just have to put yourself out there and find it. And I believe that is The Furman Advantage.

  • Joined the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection, which taught her more about herself and helped her find her place at Furman.
  • Was identified as a standout student in an introductory chemistry class.
  • Played club soccer for four years.
  • Played intramural soccer for three years.
  • Sophomore year was a first-year advisor on the housing staff.
  • Junior year was an RA on the housing staff.
  • Summer after sophomore year was a research fellow in computational chemistry.
  • Worked in the library’s digital collection center.
  • Joined the NAACP.
  • Joined the Collaborative Neuroscience Society and managed its Instagram page.
  • Junior year was named a Goldwater Scholar, the top honor in the sciences for undergraduates.
  • Summer before senior year continued to do computational chemistry research.
  • Going to Harvard as a post-baccalaureate researcher in neuroscience.

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Pathways Program® Peer Mentors

Pathways Program® Peer Mentors

Meet the many students who have offered their time and talents to help you through your Pathways Program® experience.

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