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Remote Mental Health Support

Even though we can’t meet in person right now, we in the Counseling Center are still here offering support to all students, including telemental-health and referrals. Because of licensing restrictions, some offerings may be limited in some states. Like you, we’re working remotely–sitting at our home desks and kitchen tables, adjusting to this new reality. Consider this page our virtual office. Below, you’ll find the following:

  • The Virtual Barbershop, which includes information about the dual impacts of racism and COVID-19 on black communities across the globe, as well as writings and song to buoy and inspire.
  • Tips for finding mental health providers in your area.
  • Video blogs from your Counseling Center team, with words of encouragement, tips for managing anxiety, and more.
  • Resources for dealing with grief and loss during the pandemic.
  • Mental health apps, helplines, and crisis intervention resources.
  • Mental-health articles, podcasts, and guidance we’re finding helpful during the pandemic.
  • Guidance for maintaining nutrition (and eating disorder recovery) during the pandemic.
  • Links to academic support offered by Furman’s Academic Affairs Team.

The Barbershop

The Virtual Barbershop

Find information about the dual impacts of racism and COVID-19 on black communities.

See Barbershop resources

Mental Health Providers in Your Area

We’re here to answer your questions about connecting with mental health providers in your area.

Find a mental health provider
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Video Blogs from Your Counselors

Your Counseling Center team has posted videos to offer strategies for coping during the pandemic.

Watch Video Blogs

Dealing with Grief and Loss

We've compiled some resources for dealing with grief and loss during the pandemic.

See our resources for dealing with grief
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Crisis Intervention Resources

Feeling overwhelmed? We've compiled resources, including mental health apps, helplines, text lines, and other crisis support.

See our crisis intervention resources

Mental Health Articles, Podcasts and Guidance

Read mental health articles, listen to podcasts, and find guidance during the pandemic.

Seek guidance
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Maintaining Nutrition

See resources for maintaining nutrition and recovering from eating disorders during the pandemic.

Seek nutrition help

Academic Support

The Office of Academic Affairs is here to support you.

Get academic support
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