We’re here to answer your questions about connecting with mental health providers in your area, including help with finding low-cost options where they exist. Please call 864.294.3031 or e-mail Bev Rogers (bev.rogers@furman.edu) with questions about local referrals. We encourage you to communicate with us through Outlook 365, adding encryption for security. With your written permission, we can work with your local provider to facilitate continuity of care, through written or verbal communication. Download the Release of Information Authorization [PDF].

Two, helpful resources to explore on your own:

Psychology Today, which maintains a vast database of mental health providers nationwide, including photos, profiles and contact information written by the providers themselves.

  • Go to “Find a Therapist.” Then, enter your zip code. This will pull up a long list of therapists in your area.
  • Next, look on the left-hand side of the page, and click on your insurance provider. This will filter the list to include only therapists who accept your insurance. You can narrow the list even more by clicking on a specialty, such as “depression,” or “anxiety
  • Once you have picked a couple of people who look good, try calling them. It is completely okay to check out how they sound on the phone before you commit to an appointment.
  • After you choose a provider, let us know. With your permission (release form), we can send notes to the new provider. This will keep you from having to explain everything all over again.
  • Note: Furman’s Counseling Center is not able to vet the providers listed in this database.

Zencare, which is a vetted (meaning interviewed and screened) network of therapists in New York, Connecticut, the Boston Area, Rhode Island, Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. Here, you can search by therapist (including online therapy), therapy groups, and therapy types. Note: Furman’s Counseling Center is not able to vet the providers listed in this database.