By providing extensive onstage and offstage training, our ambitious program develops well-rounded artists who are prepared for any role. We produce four Main Stage performances each year, as well as a number of smaller student-produced experiences to which the entire campus and Greenville community are invited. Our season ranges from modern to classical, comedy to tragedy, musical to non-musical. Our students collaborate with faculty and get involved in every aspect of the production, from costumes to set design, management to publicity, lighting to sound.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Want to know where a theatre arts degree can take you? The answers may be farther reaching than you can imagine.

Visit Us

Visit Us

We invite you to visit us. Sit in on a rehearsal. Attend a class. Come to a performance. Get the full Furman Theatre experience.

Declare Your Major

Declaring your Theatre Arts major is easy. Fill out this questionnaire, and email the department chair for a meeting.

Declaration Meeting

Ready to declare? Meet with the department chair to go over the logistics.



Our department is home to an emerging dance program that supplements the Liberal Arts experience. Learn more.

Musical Theatre Minor

Musical Theatre Minor

The Musical Theatre Interdisciplinary Minor cultivates students who are actively engaged in honing their craft through Dance, Theatre, and Voice training.

Course Sequence

At most schools, you have to commit to a curriculum as a freshman even if you’re not sure what you want to do. At Furman, you have options. If you’re not ready to commit to a major in theatre arts as a freshman, you can choose a different path. Take a few courses in our program and other disciplines, and find out what really appeals to you.

When you determine theatre arts is the right fit, you can begin our program as a sophomore—and still be on schedule to graduate in four years. You can even double major. That’s the benefit of studying at a liberal arts school.

Class of 2024, 2026, and 2028

Class​ – Fall​ – Spring

Freshman THA-120 THA-101, THA-115
Sophomore THA-210 THA-211, THA-316(7)
Junior THA-elective, THA-116 THA-310, THA-elective
Senior THA-315 THA-430

Class of 2025 and 2027

Class – ​Fall​ – Spring

Freshman THA-120 THA-101
Sophomore THA-116 THA-115, THA-elective
Junior THA-210, THA-315 THA-211, THA-316(7)
Senior THA-elective THA-310, THA-430


This carousel is presenting alumnus.
Meet An Alumnus
"I'm glad I chose to be a theatre major because I'll graduate as an openminded and well-rounded theatre artist. I'll be able to create not only as an actor but as a designer, technician, and playwright."
Anna Bowman, '22
Meet An Alumnus
"Furman Theatre is a wonderful place for emerging adults who know they want to pursue theatre but aren't sure what path to follow."
Matt Middleton, '20
Meet An Alumnus
"Furman does a great job in allowing its students to thrive in the way they want to and has many resources to ensure that they do thrive."
Andrew Teye, '19

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