Students in a production of The Diviners

Career Opportunities

Studying theatre arts at Furman will give you the foundation to go anywhere in the entertainment industry. Our program produces a number of professional theatre artists, and our graduates are also actors, producers, costume designers, set designers, lighting and sound specialists, and theatre professors. Alumni from our program are working in TV, movies, on and off Broadway theatres, and regional theatres around the country, and in higher education.

Best of all, you’ll discover that a liberal arts degree is in high demand when you graduate. In addition to enhancing your technical skills, you’ll leave Furman knowing how to think critically, communicate effectively, learn deeply, see things from multiple perspectives, and evaluate and create collaboratively. These are skills that can be applied to any career and it’s part of the reason our graduates are so successful.

actor with his hands on the curtain, turning towards camera

This program is designed to prepare graduates to:

  1. Understand the role of theatre in a globalized society.
  2. Effectively converse across all theatrical disciplines.
  3. Demonstrate competency and critical thinking in the art of collaboration and theatrical production.