Offering a pathway to activating the body’s expressive potential, the Theatre Arts Department is home to an emerging Dance program that augments and supplements the Liberal Arts experience on campus. Students in our program work toward attaining a deeper physical awareness through individual expression and artistic creativity.

image contains student dancing on a brick wall with white jacket, black pants, and purple mask
Dance with Furman Theatre

Explore the expressive potential of your body

The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) states, “Education in the art of dance engages the artistic processes of creating, performing and critical analysis. These processes require students to read symbol systems, use critical thinking skills, excel in nonverbal reasoning and communication, exchange ideas, work cooperatively and collaboratively with others, and interact within a multicultural society. More comprehensively, education in the art of dance develops kinesthetic and spatial learning as well as intra- and interpersonal knowledge of self and others.”

In collaboration with exceptional faculty, the Dance Program at Furman offers students another way to explore empathy and engagement in the Fine Arts. Serving as a part of the General Education Requirement (GER) curriculum, dance courses begin at the foundational level and build to compositional dialogue.