By combining studio practice with curricular discovery and performance opportunities, the Musical Theatre Interdisciplinary Minor cultivates students who are actively engaged in honing their craft. No matter your major, you will still gain an equal balance between practice, theory, and analysis through Dance, Music, and Theatre training.

Program Overview

Musical Theatre is one of the most interdisciplinary practices in the creative arts, blending intense Music training, Acting methodology, and Dance practice and technique. The Furman Musical Theatre Interdisciplinary Minor takes a holistic approach that guides performers toward mastery of storytelling through one of America’s best-known art forms. By approaching Musical Theatre as a curricular endeavor, students will gain the ability to move seamlessly through all three disciplines and synthesize their work.


Foundationally, dance offers pathways to activating the body’s expressive potential and encourages naturalness and spontaneity of movement. At each step along the way, dance students move from foundational courses to more advanced level courses where you explore improvisational structures and compositional tools to heighten your kinetic awareness and broaden your movement vocabularies.



By studying voice and musicianship with the Music Department curriculum, students will gain proper vocal technique and an understanding of pitch, rhythm, and musicality that will create dynamic performers in the rehearsal room and on stage. Musical Theatre students will experience one-on-one instruction and performance opportunities with the Furman Music Lyric Theater program.


Theatre Arts

The best musical theatre performers are the ones who tell a story through song and dance, and that ability comes from intense study of acting technique with our Theatre Arts Department. By studying acting at multiple levels and participating in contemporary musical productions with Furman Theatre, you’ll discover the intention and characterization behind every song.

Theatre Arts

Mentoring & Advising


Non-music, non-vocal performance, and non-theatre majors are asked to take part in a low-stakes audition to assess placement for studios. Please email  to request information about how to audition for the Musical Theatre Interdisciplinary Minor.

For information about the Furman Theatre Main Stage auditions, please visit

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Mission Statement

By training students in the foundations of collaborative musical theatre technique, this minor will supplement their major exploration by building skills, enabling exploration, and empowering performance through the intersections of Dance, Music, and Theatre.

Students completing the Musical Theatre Minor will:

  1. Develop fundamentals of acting technique including script reading and analysis, movement, vocal development, and performance theory and practice
  2. Expand repertoire and acquire skills by developing fundamentals in musical theatre scene study including acting, singing, and movement technique
  3. Acquire skills in dance through studio courses that will expose students to various dance styles often found in musical theatre choreography, including in-depth study of jazz, tap, and contemporary dance techniques.
  4. Demonstrate proper vocal technique and an understanding of pitch, rhythm, and musicality that will help in the rehearsal room and on stage.
  5. Have the ability to apply and synthesize acting, dance, music, and vocal techniques holistically into musical theatre performance.

Program Requirements