Furman has long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the vocal arts.  Likewise, Furman’s choirs also receive much acclaim.   The Furman Choirs present numerous performances each school year, often collaborating with distinguished faculty, guest artists, and other ensembles. Ensemble performances take place on and off campus, provide solo opportunities for many singers, and afford students a unique community.

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Furman Singers

Furman Singers, Furman University’s flagship choir, comprises students from many fields of study and backgrounds who are passionate about performing choral music. Since 1946, Furman Singers has captivated audiences with diverse repertoire that spans centuries, explored a range of styles and languages, and conveyed the human experience through one of the most powerful mediums: song. The also choir has an active presence on campus, tours annually across the United States and Europe, and regularly collaborates with the Furman Symphony Orchestra and Furman Symphonic Band.


Auditions are held on a rolling basis and are open to all current Furman students, regardless of major.


Furman Singers rehearses Tuesday/Thursday from 4-6 PM.

Want to learn more?

Contact Dr. Stephen Gusukuma for more information.

Wide angle photo of Furman Singers performing in Daniel Memorial Chapel in March, 2023. The high church ceiling and audience are visible in the shot.

Furman Singers Tour Home Concert, 2023

Belle Voci

Belle Voci (Beautiful Voices) is a treble choir that seeks to share music that not only expresses the art of beautiful singing, but hopes that the language of music can be a connection to help find our common humanity, and to create a supportive and nurturing community of artists and scholars.


Belle Voci rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:15-2:30 p.m..

Want to learn more?

For more information, contact Dr. Vivian Hamilton.

Close up photo of members of Belle Voci (Beautiful Voices) performing during the Fall 2022 Choir Concert.

Belle Voci, Fall 2022

Chamber Choir

The Furman Chamber Choir is a premier mixed ensemble of some of Furman’s finest singers. The Chamber Choir presents two liturgical concerts yearly, in collaboration with the Office of Spiritual Life: in December, A Service of Lessons and Carols (a beloved tradition inaugurated in 1996 upon the opening of Charles E. Daniel Memorial Chapel), and on Palm Sunday, A Palm & Passion Service of Lesson and Song. The choir also has their own or shared performances on a project-to-project basis ranging from chamber masterworks to participation in the Furman Church Music Conference. The Chamber Choir performs a wide range of accompanied and a cappella works spanning from the Renaissance to modern choral music.


Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester upon request/invitation.


The Chamber Choir rehearses Monday/Wednesday from 2:30-3:20 PM.

Want to learn more?

Contact Dr. Stephen Gusukuma for more information.

An upward angled photo of Chamber Choir performing during Lessons and Carols, December 2022. The photo is framed on the bottom by red poinsettias.

Chamber Choir, Lessons and Carols 2022

Oratorio Chorus

The oratorio chorus is comprised of all the choral ensembles, who join forces with the Furman Symphony Orchestra to provide a unique musical experience for the Greenville community. At the end of each term, these ensembles collaborate to deliver monumental works.  If you are not enrolled in Furman Singers or Belle Voci, you may still participate in the oratorio chorus.

Want to learn more about singing in Oratorio Chorus?

Contact Dr. Stephen Gusukuma for more information.

Side balcony perspective of the full Furman oratorio chorus and Furman Symphony Orchestra, performing on the McAlister Auditorium Stage for the 2022 Oratorio Concert. Several singers are in very special formalwear, because they are soloists.

Oratorio Chorus and Furman Symphony Orchestra, Oratorio Concert 2022

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