Meet Our Faculty and Staff

2021 Furman Chemistry Faculty and Staff

Front row, left to right: Elizabeth Gordon, Mary Elizabeth Anderson, Laura Wright, Meghan Breen, Nina Veas, Lauren Jarocha.
Middle row, left to right: Togo Odbadrakh, Mary Beth Daub, Mac Gilliland, Tim Hanks, Karen Buchmueller, George Shields.
Top row, left to right: Greg Springsteen, Jackson McCarthy, Brian Goess, Henry London, Paul Wagenknecht, John Banisaukas, Kyle Martin.
Camera shy: Dulani Bajjala Kumbure Gedara, Noel Kane-Maguire (emeritus), Lon Knight (emeritus), Sabrina Pettaway, Jeff Petty, John Wheeler, Sandy Wheeler.


Chemistry faculty have dedicated themselves to mentoring and advising undergraduate students in and out of the classroom. They have received Furman’s highest teaching and advising award for faculty ten times — six for meritorious teaching, and four for meritorious advising.

As active researchers who receive funding from national research centers like the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, our faculty and staff provide undergraduate students at all levels an opportunity to conduct intensive summer research. They lead individual laboratories and work with students one-on-one on meaningful research projects. Through this collaboration, our students are exposed to modern instrumentation and have the opportunity to co-author papers for publication.