Furman has a number of programs that connect students and recent graduates with alumni and community members. These interactions provide instruction and real-world learning opportunities not found in the classroom.

Furman has created the Furman Connect database to help facilitate connections between current students, alumni, and friends of Furman.

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Alumni Connections

The Alumni Connections program pairs seniors and recent graduates with professionals who can answer questions transitioning to life outside of Furman.  These graduates are looking for guidance in areas such as relocating to a new city, career trends, building a personal brand, job or internship search, work-life balance, applying for graduate school, the job search process, etc.

Participants may choose to engage in a one-time interaction (e.g., via phone or Zoom) or may choose to develop a continuing relationship.  (Note: This is not a program to seek employment).

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Informational Interviews

Students of all class levels are encouraged to conduct informational interviews to learn more about potential career paths. An informational interview is a purposeful conversation with a professional in a field of interest. It is an effective way to research careers, gain insight into specific industries, and gather advice from individuals already in the working world. The purpose of an informational interview is not to find job openings, although sometimes it may lead to additional opportunities or network connections. A typical interview takes approximately 30 minutes. Although many professional-student pairings choose to continue corresponding after the interview is completed, this is not required.

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Virtual Career Panels

The Malone Center for Career Engagement and Academic Affairs welcomes alumni and professionals into the classroom to share their experiences and expertise via virtual career panels.  These panels last an hour and are designed to increase student awareness about various majors and careers associated with those majors.  Panels are moderated by faculty and students.

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