Project-Based Learning (PBL) as a PK-12 instructional model is growing nationwide. PBL is seen as a mechanism to deliver academic content in a more engaging manner and in a way that stresses the development of skills critical to success in the 21st century workforce, such as communication, collaboration, and student agency.

The Institute is leading several projects that study PBL as a practice and explore models that use PBL as the primary pedagogical mode. Currently, the Institute is working with the New Tech Network on a project funded by the Carnegie Foundation to study the various pathways to PBL implementation in New Tech schools. Additionally, a recent study was funded by TransformSC that explored PBL practice in South Carolina and its impact on academic and social-emotional skills of students.

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As part of its work to help support PBL in South Carolina, the Institute offers a three-course PBL add-on teaching credential to teachers across the state and was a leader in the 2013 “Creating a Corridor of Innovation” project that implemented the New Tech model in two rural South Carolina schools.

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