Meet our 2024 SCALE fellows cohort and discover what they answered when asked, “What do you feel is the value of afterschool and summer learning?”

Ginger Beasley Headshot

Ginger Beasley

Program Director, Teach My People

Disadvantaged children are given an opportunity to get help academically, emotionally and socially. Summer learning stops the learning loss and kids losing ground academically.

Bobby Black

Prevention and Intervention Coordinator, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

I believe that the unique value of afterschool and summer and learning is that it provides youth with more opportunities to enhance and further develop their educational abilities and endeavors. It also provides a structured and stable environment for youth to dwell in. Youth may also be exposed to positive things while they participate in afterschool and summer learning.

Ruby W. Bridges

Local Programs Manager, Children’s Defense Fund

Afterschool and summer learning provides a space for students to extend learning in a flexible, fun and engaging environment while providing new experiences for the students.

Kesha Bryan

Assistant Principal, Colleton County Middle School

Afterschool programs help students achieve academically and socially. Students are able to develop self-care skills, personal and interpersonal social skills, and promote respect for cultural diversity. Staff are able to provide help with homework, tutoring, and other learning activities. It also provides time and space for quiet study.

Daphne Cuadrado Andino

Visual Arts Teaching Artist, South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities

Through afterschool and summer programs, students are able to build on the lessons learned in school through a fun and engaging environment.

Bennett Dixon

Program Director, PMAC

Afterschool programs provide the chance to have a safe and fun environment in which to experience childhood.

Amanda Dorris

Director of Testing and Accountability, Williamsburg County School District

The afterschool and summer learning provide our district/school with opportunities to address the needs of our scholars through structured activities in a safe learning environment after school hours.

Sharol M. Ellerbe

Site Coordinator, Children’s Defense Fund 21ST CCLC, Marlboro County

I believe that afterschool and summer learning can help to enhance students’ social and emotional skills. It creates a sense of belonging. It provides academic support, creates support for family, and builds relationships.

Cameron Gentry

Program Coordinator, Original Six Foundation

The most unique value of afterschool and summer learning is that it can truly be tailored to what the students need or are interested in.

Karron E. Griffin

Expanded Learning Site Coordinator, Charleston County Expanded Learning

The unique value of afterschool and summer learning is that we get to be a part of something special which allows us to support and encourage youth to become the best version of themselves.

Tiffany Howard

Director of Prevention and Intervention, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

Afterschool and summer programs enrich education with hands-on learning, social skills development, and prevention of learning loss. They provide flexibility, support for working families, and emphasize health and wellness. These programs contribute to a well-rounded education beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings.

LuChonia Jackson

Afterschool Director, Camp FLEXX (Pee Dee Math Sciences Technology Academy)

The program’s distinctive values lie in the dedicated commitment of the teachers and camp coordinators, coupled with students’ enthusiastic pursuit of academic and developmental excellence, supported by actively engaged parents, all contributing to the success of young scholars.

Robyn Jackson

Prevention and Intervention Coordinator, South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

Afterschool and summer learning provide a special place for youth to thrive and grow. These programs offer a supportive community where youth can get additional help with academics. They also provide opportunities for youth to explore new activities and interests, which can be exciting and eye-opening. Afterschool and summer learning play a crucial role in helping youth develop academically and personally, providing valuable support and experiences that can make a real difference.

Lena McIlwain

Program Director, Beyond Our Walls

We work with children to improve their skills, build their confidence, and help them understand the importance of education. We also keep them focused on building character, social skills, and discipline! We encourage them to become lifelong learners!

Tyece Newberry

Area Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of York County

Afterschool and summer learning provide children with a community outside the classroom that supports their academic growth, as well as their social skills. Many of our students develop a sense of belonging with the relationships they build within the program. These relationships will help them in classroom and as a productive member of society.

Trina Noonan

Site Coordinator, Charleston County School District Expanded Learning – Kaleidoscope

The unique value of afterschool and summer learning is the variety of ways a constructive, yet fun and flexible continuation of the school day is offered to accelerate academic achievement and ease educational transitions. While supporting working families and communities, we offer a safe and supervised environment where students build their confidence through the exploration of new interests, exposure to engage in enriching opportunities, improve their social skills, and develop an overall love for learning!

Holly Rhett Hayden

After School/Summer Camp Director, Empowered Minds

I think the unique value of afterschool and summer learning is whole-child development—attention to all the needs that exist beyond the scope of school curriculum. Expanded learning opportunities extend learning and youth development beyond the classroom by engaging young people in fun and enriching ways to expand learning and develop interests. They grow core competencies by creating safe, supportive learning environments strengthening the relationships that are all key to responding to challenges.

Julius Scott

Community Support Services Coordinator, School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties

First we recognize that families, no matter the county in S.C., rely upon both afterschool and summer programs. Hidden in the obstacle of after school hours for children is the opportunity to provide access and transformational experiences that can prove to be life-worthy. Entire communities benefit when school aged children take advantage of both.

Troy Thames

Executive Director, Boy and Girls Clubs of the Midlands

Empowering children with the opportunity to explore activities and skills beyond their school curriculum. Uncovering hidden talents and passions that could shape their lifelong pursuits. Discovering greatness in every child.

Andre’ Webb

Program Director, Mosaic Educational and Arts Program

Afterschool and summer learning provides a freedom not usually found in school. I believe this freedom while learning is key to developing students that not only follow rules but grow to understand them in relation to who they are. This allows them to engage with the world instead of just survive in it.

Traci Weldie

Director of Auxiliary Programs, Christ Church Episcopal School

For many students, afterschool and summer programs account for up to 25% of their school experience, indicating they are an integral part of complete education for students. The heart of afterschool and summer programs is a mindset of service; whole-heartedly serving the constituencies that are represented. With an attitude of serving students, parents and teachers and understanding the time spent in these programs, this learning truly becomes a value-rich experience for the entire community.

Michael Woods

Director of Programs and Evaluation, Boys and girls Clubs of the Pee Dee Area

I feel the unique value of afterschool and summer learning provides youth the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the school day. Not only do quality programs fill a critical space between school and home, but it also provides youth with an opportunity to be exposed to new experiences and opportunities to develop skills that will be needed in life.