Personalized competency-based learning (PCBL) is a nontraditional system of teaching and learning that helps students gain both content knowledge and critical 21st century skills. PCBL accommodates students’ different learning strengths, needs, and goals. It is one of five primary innovative approaches to public education that the Riley Institute supports in South Carolina.

In PCBL settings, expectations for learning are clear, measurable, and applicable to the real world. Students make important decisions about how they create, apply, and demonstrate knowledge. Assessments and supports are timely, relevant, and actionable, and students progress by demonstrating mastery of content and skills. Strategies to support equitable learning outcomes are embedded in PCBL systems.

KnowledgeWorks Foundation and the South Carolina Department of Education are fostering PCBL implementation in schools and districts throughout the state. The Riley Institute is partnering with both organizations to evaluate PCBL’s  implementation and impact and to help maximize how PCBL can improve equitable outcomes across diverse student populations. Learn more about this partnership