Teachers of Government participants stand inside C-SPAN studios

Fostering Civic Leadership

Americans’ confidence in government and other societal institutions is steadily eroding, and young people have had front-row seats as extreme citizen unrest and an ugly and unproductive partisan divide play out in broadcast and social media echo chambers. At a time when we critically need to strengthen democracy and encourage civic participation among young people, many schools are becoming less invested in social studies and civics education. To help counter these trends, the Riley Institute offers programs that support civic awareness and leadership among public school students in South Carolina.

Teachers of Government participants stand in front of the U.S. Capitol building as the sun sets

Teachers of Government

Taking place in Washington D.C., this competitive summer program for teachers makes social studies and civics education in our state's middle and high schools more compelling and relevant.

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Emerging Public Leaders

Now on hiatus while seeking funding, this summer program shapes students into leaders as they begin their senior year of high school.

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Emerging Public Leaders participant smiles while surrounded by fellow participants