Emerging Public Leaders, now in hiatus while seeking funding, helps shape students into leaders. Each summer, rising high school seniors spend a week at Furman where they attend classes led by faculty and meet with community leaders. Students analyze critical issues, improve leadership skills for diverse settings, and learn to communicate effectively, engage their communities, and lead ethically. Mentoring continues throughout their senior year to support implementation of their community service project. Sixteen competitively selected students participate at no charge in this annual program.

Comments from past participants

“EPL was an incredible experience that taught me so much and gave me friends from all across the state. Working on this project solidified my choice to pursue a career in education and helped me uncover the passion I have for education.” Jennie Allen, 2017-18 participant

“EPL taught me the importance of not being the source of empowerment, but rather, leading the way to have others empower themselves.” Farehaa Hussain, 2017-18 participant