2018-19 Participants

Bayan Abunijem, Greenville Tech Charter High School, Greenville, SC
Reilly Arford, Ridge View High School, Columbia, SC
Madison Brawley, Strom Thurmond High School, Johnston, SC
Claire Derakhshan, West Florence High School, Florence, SC
Olivia Dozier, Dreher High School, Columbia, SC
Lauren Garrison, River Bluff High School, Lexington, SC
Lillian Holland, Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, SC
Andrea Kimpson, Richland Northeast High School, Columbia, SC
Arnav Lal, Home School, Greer, SC
Elliot Marron, Greenville High School, Greenville, SC
Blanton Newman, J.L. Mann High School, Greenville, SC
Olivia Reichenbach, Hilton Head Christian Academy, Hilton Head, SC
Lily Rowan, Myrtle Beach High School, Myrtle Beach, SC
Cate Tedford, Nation Ford High School, Fort Mill, SC
Mae Webster, Spartanburg Day School, Spartanburg, SC

Winning Projects

First Place | Project Receives $1000

Blanton Newman
J.L. Mann High School, Greenville

Blanton organized a “Festival of Friendship” to bring together the “abled” and “differently abled” in the Greenville community which took place on Sunday, April 7,2019 at J. L. Mann High School. The proceeds from the event benefitted the J.L. Mann S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S. program.

Second Place | Project receives $600

Bayan Abunijem
Greenville Tech Charter High School, Greenville

Abunijem organized two self-defense workshops to raise awareness about domestic violence in South Carolina and help women achieve certainty in their ability to protect themselves. The events were open to the public and targeted female college and high school students.

Third Place | Projects receive $350

Andrea Kimpson
Richland Northeast High School, Columbia

Kimpson’s Midlands Postcard Project aims to educate, inspire, and engage younger generations of Midlands residents to know the Columbia area and its fascinating African American history.

Olivia Reichenbach
Hilton Head Christian Academy, Hilton Head

Reichenbach organized organized a group of juniors and seniors with three or more years of Spanish language classes from Hilton Head Christian Academy called “Planting Seeds.” The group tutors native-Spanish-speaking, elementary and middle school students in English, Science, and Math.

Honorable Mentions

Lauren Garrison
River Bluff High School, Lexington

Garrison’s project helps senior citizens who cannot afford their pets. She implemented a two-part service project to support Paw Pals, a program run by the South Carolina Office on Aging, which provides pet food at no cost to qualifying senior citizens.

Lillian Holland
Porter-Gaud School, Charleston

Holland created “Cookies and Karaoke,” a project which helped elderly people who suffer from cognitive illnesses enhance their cerebral aptitudes.

Reilly Arford
Ridge View High School, Columbia

Arford increased the awareness of human trafficking in the state of South Carolina by speaking with members of his local government.