Bold Moves

John Quinn looking through binoculars

Mary Camilla Judson

Is the fresh spring weather turning your thoughts to hoops, courts and spirited outdoor contests?

The students of the Greenville Woman’s College knew the feeling.

Image from the 1913 Entre NousCredit Mary Camilla Judson for emphasizing physical education among her female pupils. An educated woman from Connecticut, Judson became “lady principal” of the Greenville Baptist Female College in 1878, a position she held until 1912.

She taught a variety of subjects and promoted the progressive idea of calisthenics for women. In 1912, the college became the Greenville Woman’s College before merging with Furman in the 1930s.

We can see in the pages of the 1913 college annual, Entre Nous, that the students of Greenville Woman’s College swung racquets and shot hoops. But the women lobbed more than tennis balls and basketballs.

John Quinn pointing and holding binoculars

Image from the 1913 Entre Nous

These are a few of their choice quotations, as chronicled in the yearbook from the time:

“Now for a madcap galloping chase! I’ll make a commotion in every place!” – Warner Hare

“Up, up, my friend and quit your books. Or you’ll grow double.” – Felicia Spearman

“I will listen to anyone’s convictions, but pray, keep your doubts to yourself.” – Marian Asbury

“Oh, that we women had men’s privilege of speaking first.” – Irene Mildred Finklea

The Rev. Susie B. Smith ’72 will always be an activist. Her experiences at Furman helped awaken her beliefs.

“What makes a leader? We know the qualities that set them apart.”

Jim Pitts ’60 helped guide the university during integration, the Vietnam War and the break from the Southern Baptist Convention.