Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, our staff can help. Contact us. For parents, we have also created a section where you can find information and tips. Visit Parent Information .

Do I need to check-out at the end of the Fall semester?

All residents must be gone within 24 hours of the start of their last class and no later than 5pm on November 21, 2020.

Take all valuables and other items you will need for finals.  Don’t forget your passport, license, credit cards, prescriptions, etc.  You will not be allowed into your room during the break.

Prior to departure complete the below tasks to prepare your room for the break:

  • Defrost and clean microfridge in residence halls (must begin process at least 24 hours before leaving campus).
  • Clean out refrigerator in apartments of all perishable items.
  • Remove all trash and recyclables and dispose of in designated receptacles outside.
  • Unplug all items from electrical outlets.
  • Do not turn off heat.  Thermostats should be set on heat at 65 degrees.
  • Lower blinds.  On ground floor close them.  On upper floors, leave them open.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Lock your door and take your keys with you.

After completing the above tasks, complete the Winter Break Checkout in your housing portal to indicate you have departed campus.

How are assignments and roommates determined?

The Housing and Residence Life Office determines room assignments and roommates based on the information provided in your application. Our office does not guarantee a specific room assignment.

New students will be assigned to one of our first-year housing residence halls. In your housing assignment request form, you’ll have the option to rank which residence hall is your top choice. Our computer-generated lottery system will then randomly assign rooms to our freshman class, taking each student’s selections into account. As a freshman, you do not have the ability to choose your own roommate. Instead, our office will match you with a roommate based on the information provided in your housing assignment request form.

Returning students have the option to live in upperclassman housing, apartments, or with their Greek Life community. However, room assignments are determined by our computer-generated lottery system, which assigns rooms while taking each student’s preferences into account. Priority is based on a student’s start year in college. Mutual roommate requests are honored, assuming space is available.

Assignments are made without regard to race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. Learn more about the room and roommate assignment process .

How do I pay for my housing?

We offer a variety of payment options through the Student Business Center. Visit the Student Business Center site for more details.

Can I cancel my housing?

Furman has a four-year residency requirement. However, if you need to cancel your housing due to a change in your enrollment status or other circumstances, visit our withdrawal and leave of absence page.

Where can I do my laundry?

There are laundry rooms with washers, dryers and ironing boards located in each of our residence halls. The machines do not require coins because laundry costs are included in your housing fee. However, you need to bring your own detergent.

What do I do if I lose my room key or temporary access card?

If you lose your room key, you will have to purchase a replacement. Bedroom keys for our residence halls are $50. For North Village residents, front door keys are $50, and bedroom keys are $25. A temporary access card is $10.

Email us to order replacements at

Where can I submit a maintenance request?

Need something fixed in your room? Our facilities staff will receive your request within 24 hours of your submission and will respond as quickly as possible. When submitting your order, be sure to provide a detailed description of the problem so that our maintenance staff is prepared to help you. Submit a maintenance request.

Can I keep my room assignment if I'm planning to take a study away trip?

We provide several options for students considering a full semester or partial-semester study away trip. View our options for study away participants .

Is there housing available during holiday breaks?

Furman’s residence halls and other facilities are closed and unavailable during holiday breaks. Be sure to make travel and living arrangements in advance so that you’re able to leave campus after your final exam each semester.


Do you provide storage options during the summer break?

The Housing and Residence Life Office is unable to offer storage options because of summer camps and conferences. However, if you’re an international student, the Office of Study Away and International Education provides some options.

Does Furman provide renters insurance?

Furman does not provide renters insurance and does not assume responsibility for the personal belongings of its students. However, we do recommend getting a renters insurance policy to cover your belongings.

What is the difference between a raised, lofted, and bunked bed?

Please click on the links below to see the difference between bunked beds, a raised bed, and a lofted bed.

Bunked Beds

Raised Bed

Lofted Bed

How do I apply for housing?

If you’re a new student, the first step is to complete our housing assignment request form. You’ll be sent an email in July with information that includes your room assignment and the name of your roommate. Follow our application steps for new students .

If you’re a returning student, you need to enter the housing lottery through the MyFurman portal. You will be given a code to participate in the lottery. Follow our application steps for returning students .