Room rates for our residence halls are per person and include furnishings and the cost of utilities. However, Furman’s overflow housing—the Vinings at Duncan Chapel—do not include furnishings and utilities. Standard rates are based on the academic calendar. Summer and May Experience have flat rates for each term.

Students with disabilities who require a medical single or other type of room designed as an accommodation are not charged at a higher rate than the rate they would pay for their portion of a standard room for their class cohort.

2022-2023 Academic Year Rates

Residence Type Semester Academic Year
Residence Hall Double Room $3,917 $7,834
Residence Hall Single Room $4,351 $8,702
Residence Hall Apartment $4,315 $8,630
NV Shared Bedroom Apartment $4,415 $8830
NV Private Bedroom Apartment $4,719 $9,438
Upgraded Double Room $4,268 $8,536
Bell Tower Cabins $4,426 $8,852
Senior Overflow Housing:*
The Vinings Three Bedroom Apartment $3,175 $6,350
The Vinings Three Bedroom Apartment (Master) $3,601 $7,202
The Vinings Two Bedroom Apartment $4,042 $8,084
The Vinings One Bedroom Apartment $6,048 $12,096

* Rates for the Vinings at Duncan Chapel do not include utilities or furniture.

May Experience Rates 2023


Summer Rates 2023

Residence Option Rate
North Village TBD
The Vinings TBD
Residence Hall TBD