Student Finance

Welcome to Student Finance in Enrollment Services!  Below you will find information regarding billing, payments, taxes, meal plans and many other helpful items.  If you are interested in financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid website.  If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact us at or 864 294 2030

Due Dates
  • May X is Due by May 13, 2022
  • May X Travel Study is Due by March 31, 2022
  • Summer Session I is Due by May 27, 2022
  • Summer Session II is Due by June 30, 2022
  • Spring 2023 is Due by August 15, 2022
  • Fall 2022 is Due by December 15, 2022

Fall and Spring Semester are due by the due date unless you have a payment plan

Students must add an Authorized Party in Nelnet for a parent to have account access

May Experience and Summer 2022

Summer Session At Furman

May Experience At Furman

May X 2022 5/11/22 – 6/1/22
Room 500.00 any room
Meals 383.00 33 meal swipes
Total 883.00



Summer 2022 Session I 6/6/22 – 7/8/22 Session II 7/11/22 – 8/10/22
TUITION per credit per credit
UNDERGRAD DAY            850.00
GRADUATE                   420.00
    4-HOUR COURSE         3,400.00                          –
    3-HOUR COURSE         2,550.00                          –
    2-HOUR COURSE         1,700.00                          –
    1-HOUR COURSE            850.00                          –
    0 -HOUR INTERNSHIP            187.50
Summer charges will be billed May 1st.  Session I charges are due May 27,2022 Session II charges due June 30, 2022
NV Share or Private Apt                1,034.00
Vinings Apt                1,034.00
Residential Hall                   858.00


2022-2023 Tuition and Fees Schedule
REGULAR SESSION 16 Week Semester Annually
Comprehensive Fee $1,731 Per Credit $27,696 $55,392
Residence hall double occupancy $3,917 $7,834
Residence hall designed single $4,351 $8,702
North Village 2 bedroom apartment $4,415 $8,830
North Village 4 bedroom apartment $4,719 $9,438
Average Room Rate TBD
Board: Food Points Per Semester Guests Meals Per Semester
Unlimited 350 5 $3,241 $6,482
190 Block Plan 350 15 $2,787 $5,574
160 Block Plan 400 15 $2,531 $5,062
110 Block Plan 450 10 $1,835 $3,670
75 Block Plan 450 5 $1,512 $3,024
Late Enrollment $100
Student Government Association $190 $380
Resident Student Commuting Student
Tuition $55,392 $55,392
Room (double occupancy) $7,834 $0
Board (unlimited) $6,482 $0
Student Government Association $380 $380
Total $70,088 $55,772
Fees are payable prior to the start of each semester for all students:
By August 15, 2022 $35,044 $27,886
By December 15, 2022 $35,044 $27,886
Total $70,088 $55,772
Tuition per credit hour $850
Tuition per credit hour $425
Summer 2022 $420
Tuition per semester (per Summer, Fall, Spring term) $9,250
Tuition per semester (per Summer, Fall, Spring term) $7,850

Billing Important Information

Students will receive a notification from our partner Nelnet when a billing statement is available.

By clicking “Make a Payment” from the email notification, students will be directed to Nelnet to create & verify their account information.  You can also:

  • Add Authorized Parties (Parents or others) to View your account, Make a Payment and/or Set up a Payment plan.
  • Students must add an Authorized Party in Nelnet for a parent to have account access
  • View your account balance, transactions details and the semester’s statement
  • Easily set up and save a financial account to make payments

Students can also access their financial account via Click on Finances to view transactions.  Under “My Account” you can select:

  • Make a Payment or Set up a Payment Plan to be directed to Nelnet
  • View account activity or a statement
  • Set up Payment Elections – set up your bank account for Student Refunds
  • View your Financial Aid awards/complete required documents
  • Housing Self-Service Portal to change your meal plan
  • At a later date, Manage Paperless 1098-T to have online access to your 1098-T form

Need more information?  Check out under Student and Finances.

Questions?  Email

Payment Plans and Payments

Payment Plans

Students must add an Authorized Party in Nelnet for a parent to have account access

Fall and Spring Semester payments are due by the due date unless you have a payment plan

Furman offers different payment plans to help spread out fall and spring semester tuition payments.


Fall 2022 Payment Plan available on July 1, 2022 $60 Fee for fall payment plan
 Payment Plan Types   Registration Dates            Number of Payments  Months of Payments
5- month payment plan July 1- July 13 5 July 15-November 15
4- month payment plan July 14-August 12 4 August 15-November 15
3- month payment plan August 13-September 13 3 September 15-November 15


Spring 2023 Payment Plan available on December 1, 2022 $60 Fee for spring payment plan
Payment Plan Types      Registration Dates    Number of Payments  Months of Payments
5- month payment plan December 1- December 13 5 December 15-April 15
4- month payment plan December 14-January 13 4 January 15-April 15
3- month payment plan January 14-February 11 3 February 15-April 15


Payment options:

  • echeck
  • 529 Savings Plan
  • Credit Card
  • State PrePaids
  • Check mailed to Furman University

Mailing Address: Furman University, Enrollment Services, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613

State Prepaid & 529 Plans

Generally, this is the process for Prepaid/529 Plans:

  • Parents/Students contact their Prepaid/529 Plan, and notify them of intent to use it for the academic year.
  • Provide any necessary documentation to the plan. Plans may require students to complete a Transfer Authorization request before your plan benefits will be paid. You can assess the transfer authorization within your plans account.
  • Furman will invoice the prepaid plans after Furman’s web add/drop ends (August 27, 2021 for Fall 2021).  Depending on the plan, payments arrive between 30-45 days.
  • 529 payment plans should not be used for Furman’s payment plans. 529 lump sum payments are recommended.

For 529 Savings/Prepaid Plans:

  • Contact your plan as early as possible and follow any instructions provided by your savings plan. This often involves completing a withdrawal request through your plan.
  • Please ensure that your withdrawal request is submitted early enough to allow ample time for processing and mailing before tuition due dates.
  • If an invoice is requested, please provide a copy of the current student billing statement, which is found in the Finances application in Workday.
  • Please have funds sent directly to the school, the following information will be needed: Student’s First and Last Name, Student’s Furman ID number

For Remaining balances after PrePaid and/or 529:

If you have a balance greater than the amount that your prepaid and/or 529 plan is covering, you have the option to pay the remaining balance by August 15, 2021, or you can register for a payment plan.  Current Balance Due – (PrePaid + 529) = Remaining Balance

Comprehensive Fee Policy and Refund Policy

Furman assesses a comprehensive tuition fee for degree-seeking, undergraduate day students who are enrolled for up to 20 credits in the fall or spring semesters. Requested exemptions to the comprehensive fee policy should adhere to the catalog requirements.

Comprehensive Fee Policy and Refund Policy:




Tuition Insurance

Furman University has partnered with GradGuard™ to offer tuition insurance from Allianz Global Assistance.

The tuition protection plan is like an extension of our refund policy. It can reimburse up to 100% of your nonrefundable school costs after a mid semester withdrawal for a covered illness, injury, psychological condition, and more—protecting your investment in higher education. Visit the GradGuard™ website for more details.

Insurance must be purchased prior to the first day of classes. Coverage extends through the end of that semester. Tuition insurance is completely optional. The agreement you enter into is with GradGuard, not with Furman University.

1098-T Tax Form
  • 1098-T

1098-T forms are provided to all students with qualified tuition and related expenses each January. The form reports amounts paid based on the transaction date. Accordingly, spring semester charges are reported in the previous calendar year if you register prior to January 1.

We can address questions about the amounts reported on your 1098-T, Specific questions regarding the eligibility of the Hope Scholarship, Lifetime Learning, or American Opportunity tax credit should be referred to your tax advisor.

1098-T forms will be mailed to the home address from the student’s Workday account.

Students may view and print duplicate copies of their 1098-T by logging into their Workday or NelNet account.  In Workday under the  Applications on the dashboard, you would select the Finances icon then under My Account, you will find View My 1098-T or Print My 1098-T.  In NelNet,  on the dashboard under 1098-T Documentation, you would select View 1098-T.  Authorized Parties will also have access to your 1098-T.

  • American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits, Form 8863

Federal tax credits are available to eligible students. Consult current IRS publications to learn more.

  • Tax Benefits for Education, Publication 970

Federal tax benefits may be available for those saving for or paying higher education costs.  Find out more from the IRS.

  • IRS website,

The definitive site for all US tax information.

Student Health Insurance

Furman does not provide a health insurance plan for its domestic students.  International students are required to purchase a plan provided by EIIA.  The Earle Student Health Center on campus operates like other physician offices/health practices. Students should bring their health insurance card with them when visiting the center. Students’ primary insurance provider will be billed. Please check with your family insurance provider to make sure that the student will be adequately covered while away at school. Your insurance provider may require an enrollment certification for your student.

Furman does provide all undergraduate day students with a Student Sickness Benefits Plan (at no additional cost) that will generally cover co-payments. Find out more about this coverage.