Steps to search and get hired for a job at Furman University:

* Do not start work until ALL steps are completed. It is a legal requirement!

1. Please login to your Workday account and type “Find Student Jobs” in the search bar, or click on the “Career” worklet icon.

2. Review job description for the job you would like. Apply online.

3. If you are offered the job and accept, you need to bring an original (no copies/photos) of an I-9 identification document (this is different from an I-9 Form; please refer to 3b below for clarification) to Enrollment Services in the Administration Building on campus. You must do this in person. 

a. I-9 identification documents include a U.S. Passport, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, etc.

b. A thorough explanation (with photos) of what is an acceptable I-9 identification document can be found here: List of Acceptable I-9 documentation

4. You must notify your supervisor that you have successfully submitted your I-9 identification documentation to Enrollment Services and that you are ready to be hired in Workday.

5. Login to your Workday account (you can access it via MyFurman) and complete all the onboarding tasks. There are several steps; please complete them all as soon as possible or your hire will be incomplete. It is very important that you complete all onboarding steps within 3 days or you will not be paid on time and will be terminated from your job!

6. Instructions on how to navigate Workday can be found here. If you have questions about the onboarding process, please contact either your supervisor or Enrollment Services.

a. Enrollment Services email:

b. Enrollment Services phone: 864-294-2030

7. Once you are fully hired and onboarded in Workday, you are ready to begin working. Congratulations and welcome, new Furman employee!

*Once you login to Workday, you will have access to How-To guides on employment at Furman (how to enter time, change your preferred name, etc.). Be sure to check out Announcements periodically, too.


Student Payroll Schedule and Pay Periods for 2023


Federal Minimum Wage notification

Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law

Pay/Wage Transparency Nondiscrimination