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Returning Residents

Returning students have the option to live in South Housing, Clark Murphy Complex, North Village, learning communities or their Fraternity and Sorority Life community. We also occasionally utilize overflow housing for seniors in our off-campus apartments.

Students will select their specific room assignment for the next school year through their Housing Self-Service Portal. Priority is given to rising seniors, rising juniors, and then rising sophomores.

As a returning student, you’ll have the option to choose your roommate(s) in advance of the lottery. We honor mutual roommate requests, assuming space is available to accommodate each student.

Important Dates and Deadlines for 2021

March 22 Housing Agreement Opens Step 1
March 29 Housing Agreement Closes Step 1
April 5 Group Formation Opens Step 2
April 12 Group Formation Closes Step 2
April 20, 21, and 22 Housing Lottery Selection Takes Place Step 3

The Housing Lottery in three easy steps:

Step 1: Sign your Housing Agreement

The Housing Agreement is an acknowledgment of the terms and conditions of living in campus housing. The Housing Agreement contains specific housing-related dates, policy notices, and other key aspects of your housing experience. For those students eligible to participate in multiple housing lottery processes (i.e. Vinings, Retention, Greek), the Housing Agreement will be your opportunity to select which lottery process you would like to participate.

To sign your Housing Agreement, log-on to your Housing Self-Service Portal. Once you are logged in, select the “Forms and Applications” drop-down menu and click on your Housing Lottery Step 1 form. From there, read each section of the Housing Agreement thoroughly and electronically sign at the bottom and then answer any relevant questions.

This is only the first step in the lottery process. Signing your Housing Agreement does not assign you to a housing space.

Step 2: Form your Roommate Group

Rising juniors and seniors can form roommate groups of four only; rising sophomores can form groups of two only. The group size will impact the spaces available for your group (four = apartment, two = double room).

You must form a roommate group in advance of the lottery.

To form a group, go to your Housing Self-Service Portal. Once you are logged in,  select the “Housing Lottery” tab. Then click “Select Roommates” and choose “Fall 2021”.

From there, you can search for students that you wish to live with next year either by name or by lifestyle characteristic.

The roommate search feature permits you to find other students who need roommates based on compatibility measures in the event that you are not able to fully form a group with your immediate social circle. Please be aware that while rising seniors and rising juniors can live with each other, rising sophomores can only live with other rising sophomores.

Once you have made your roommate requests, those students must log-in to their Housing Self-Service Portal to confirm or decline your request. Likewise, if another student requests you as a roommate, you must go to your Housing Self-Service Portal and confirm or decline the request.

Important to note, all students within a roommate group must fully match with the others in the group.

For example, if Mike, Steve, Josh, and David want to live with each other:

  • Mike must select/confirm: Steve, Josh and David
  • Steve must select/confirm: Mike, Josh and David
  • Josh must select/confirm: Mike, Steve and David
  • David must select/confirm: Mike, Steve and Josh
Step 3: Enter the Housing Lottery, Select your Assignment, and Confirm

Once you have signed your Housing Agreement and formed a Roommate Group, each group will be given a lottery entry date and time. Any member of the group can select a space for the entire group.

To enter into the lottery, go to your Housing Self-Service Portal​. Select the “Room and Roommate Selection” drop down menu. Then click “Select a Room or Suite.”

From there the screen will list the students in your group and give you options to filter a room search. When you click “Find Available Rooms” the system will show you all available spaces for your group size.

Once you have found a space for your group, click “I agree – Continue Assigning Group.” Then you will be able to choose which student will be in which bed. Finally, you can confirm your selection and your assignment has been made for the next school year.