Research & Internship

The History Department offers an array of internships and research opportunities tailor-made to fit your interests.

Research Opportunities

Every year, history faculty work side by side with students to guide independent research or develop faculty-student project collaboration. Recent history majors and alumni have done the following:

  • Published an academic sourcebook
  • Received Fulbright grant funding for ongoing research
  • Presented at a world-class scholarly conference typically not open to undergraduates
  • Curated a museum exhibit
  • Transcribed the covert letters of Princess Amelia of England

History majors may apply for the Waco F. Childers, Jr. Research Fellowship in History by clicking here.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are often the gateway to the professional world. At Furman, it is not unusual for organizations to offer full-time jobs to students who have served as interns. Many History students complete a paid or unpaid internship in their area of interest, and Furman offers one of the few programs in the country that directly funds student internships, offering competitive fellowships for students who would otherwise receive little or no payment.
History majors are well prepared for the world of business with finely honed critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills. Hiring managers look for interns who can communicate professionally, understand nuance, and notice important details–hallmarks of a history major.