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Program Overview

With a firm foundation in the liberal arts, the Bachelor of Arts in History allows students to explore a wide range of geographical regions, civilizations, and cultures throughout ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern history. Our wide-ranging curriculum covers North American, European, African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history.

Our students not only learn about history—the critical study of the past—but in the process, they learn how to read critically, analyze thoroughly, synthesize concisely, and write effectively. We teach communication and problem-solving skills that are applicable across all disciplines and professions.

Declare the History Major Remotely: Students seeking to declare the history major should download and complete the field of study declaration form and email it to the chair of the History Department, Dr. Lane Harris, Dr. Harris will promptly respond to your email to set up a Zoom meeting to complete the process of declaring your major.

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