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Research Opportunities in History

Are you interested in exploring research opportunities with our department? Do you have a particular subject or topic in mind that you are interested in pursuing and exploring? 

Our history majors can choose to assist in the research endeavors of our faculty, serving as assistants to longer-term, intensive projects. This occurs in the summer months and the student can apply for a Summer Fellowship, earning a stipend for their time.  Others take the path of independent research during the fall or spring semester, earning class credit while receiving the guidance of a professor as they investigate and study a subject of interest. Each year, one or more students receive the Waco F. Childers Jr. Research Fellowship, which provides funding for travel expenses for the conduction of research, supplies, and a stipend. In order to receive the fellowship, the student must engage in a collaborative project with a faculty mentor within the Department of History. While priority is granted to history majors, other majors may apply for the competitive fellowship.

Recently both Dr. O’Neill and Dr. Nair worked with student researchers. Dr. Nair’s student helped her examine and browse the National Archives of Ireland’s online collection, census records, and historical newspaper databases in order to garner more information for Dr. Nair’s project on immigration to Ireland. Dr. O’Neill worked with Trenton Newman and George King on different projects this year. Newman researched the changing viewpoints of southern theologians on slavery and white supremacy. King studied integration in South Carolina public schools during the 1960s and 1970s, scrutinizing the resistance faced during the end of segregation.

To learn more about research within our department, visit our Research & Internship page.