The Department of History strives to be a community that fosters and supports a respectful, inclusive, and accessible climate for faculty, students, and staff who represent a multiplicity of identities and perspectives. We recognize the worth of each individual and seek to create a sense of belonging, respect, and empathy in our classes and daily interactions. As such, we are strongly committed to prioritizing a mutual respect for and a greater understanding of all peoples and environments by situating our courses in a global context.

In much of our research and teaching, we seek to highlight the various ways categories of difference have contributed to inequities in the past and present. We are also committed to proactively combatting those inequities inside and outside the classroom. To do so, we are dedicated to creating and supporting a faculty and student body of varied life experiences who participate in a caring community of people maintaining a mutual respect and appreciation for one another.

By creating a vibrant and empowered department in which all feel that they belong, in which everyone enjoys freedom of inquiry and expression, we can teach, work, and learn together in an environment in which all may thrive.