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Gilpatrick History Society

The Gilpatrick History Society (GHS) is an academic and social organization whose membership is open to all history majors. The organization sponsors campus events and each year leads a major trip to a historically significant city in the region. GHS also stresses the importance of student and faculty interaction by hosting holiday parties, dinners, and similar events. To become a member, contact Dr. Marian Strobel.

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society for history majors. The society has more than 350,000 members. Contact Dr. Nadia Kanagawa to find out how to become a member.

Annual Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on the most important news from your alma mater and fellow classmates through our annual newsletter.

Alumni News

Our department enjoys catching up with our alums and learning where your career has taken you since earning your degree from Furman. Our commitment to your success doesn’t end at graduation. Share your success with us.