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What Can I Do as a History Major?

You may be wondering, what are some post-graduate professions for history majors? 

It may relieve you to know there is an abundance of options.

Our program creates well-rounded, effective graduates, capable of careers requiring excellent communication and critical thinking skills. Our students learn to read critically, analyze materials, and integrate information into concise, clear writing.

Students have the option of becoming involved in research, internships, organizations, and study abroad experiences. Our faculty are regularly involved in leading trips to various locations, such as Brussels, Edinburgh, or India. In addition to a wealth of possibilities for discovering one’s passion and calling, our faculty provide extensive, personalized guidance to each student, preparing them for life after Furman, whether that be in the pursuit of higher education or a career.

Some of our graduate majors have gone on to become:

  • Lawyers
  • Library Associates, both public and private
  • Non-Profit Start-Up Creator
  • Account Manager at Google
  • Editor, The History Press 
  • Higher Education Administration
  • US State Dept. Employees
  • Solutions Engineers
  • Research Associates in real estate, corporate business, law, non-profit organizations, and entertainment
  • Strategist/Designer of a videoconferencing company
  • Spiritual Life Educators
  • Professors
  • Teachers

If you would like to learn more about possible careers, visit our Career Opportunities page. Furthermore, the American Historical Association offers a comprehensive chart of occupations history majors pursue. And finally, the Malone Center for Career Engagement provides thorough assistance for seeking employment such as interview preparation, resume and cover letter editing, identity-based career resources, and networking opportunities.