Student running while having breathing measured

Research & Internship

At Furman, Health Sciences undergraduates do the kind of research typically delegated to graduate students at larger universities. That means our students dive deep into research from their freshman year all the way through graduation. Our professors invite students to participate in research that helps people in Greenville stay healthy year-round, and these opportunities are available to all students. Here’s a look at what we offer:


Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (First)

Students join the institute’s researchers in studying the mechanics of running and the physiology of endurance. FIRST inspired the publication of the best-selling Runner’s World book, Run Less, Run Faster. Check out the institute.

 Molnar Human Performance Laboratory

With all the research tools of a major university, our department allows students to study the intricacies of athletic performance and build a base of knowledge for graduate studies. Go to the lab’s wiki.


Structured Internship

You need a declared major in Health Sciences to enroll in these internships, which our professors typically develop at approved sites. Students, teachers, and supervisors develop a set of goals, and students write a report, read related professional literature, and offer a written and oral summary of their activities at the internship’s end. See a professor for more information.

Other Internships

In addition, Health Sciences covers fitness, nutrition, public health, physical education, and more, so there are often ample internship opportunities for students interested in these careers. Our students have completed internships in local hospitals, fitness facilities, and physical therapy clinics. The Internship office can help you track down these opportunities. Find an internship.