Furman’s health and wellness facilities are superb for a liberal arts university of its size. Our Physical Activities Center provides the latest exercise equipment, while the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training and Molnar Human Performance Laboratory give our health sciences students an opportunity to conduct research to discover newer, better ways to make athletes more competitive.


Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST)

FIRST offers our Health Sciences students a chance to work in a nationally recognized laboratory that uses proven scientific principles and documented research to teach runners how to be faster, stronger, and safer at all distances. The entire Furman community, and anybody who runs, can benefit from our research.

Molnar Human Performance Laboratory

Our Human Performance Lab can conduct the same kinds of metabolic testing and biomechanical analyses that you’d find at a major research institution. The lab has collaborated with Greenville Health Systems and Clemson University.

Physical Activities Center (PAC)

The PAC is the hub of healthy living at Furman. All of our wellness courses are taught in the PAC, which also has a swimming pool, cardio equipment, elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, resistance machines, and a dance studio for spinning classes, yoga, and stretching.


Furman offers wellness programs so that students can practice what they learn.

  • Live Well Furman: This section of our website tells you how to mind your diet and provides extensive guidance on healthy lifestyles. Live well.
  • FUEL for Students: These workshops make sure you’re eating right amidst the stress of all-nighters and cramming for exams. Get fueled.
  • Get moving: Get in-depth guidance on the PAC and find the keys to an active lifestyle. Get moving.
  • Outdoors Club: Find out how to join the Furman Outdoor Club and get suggestions on where to hike, paddle, and run. Get outdoors.