The mission of the Health Sciences program at Furman is to advance local, national, and global health, human performance, and fitness. We aim to provide a transformative and fulfilling educational experience for a diverse community of learners through general education and upper-level health and wellness courses, and by encouraging curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

Our faculty and students bring a wide variety of interests, experiences and perspectives into our classrooms, and we use these as an opportunity to understand health and wellness in a more integrated and systematic way. In our classrooms, you’ll find professors and students teaching and learning in a variety of approaches such as active lectures, discussions, team based learning, and experiential learning. Examining features of organ systems and how they impact human body function, analyzing disease spread in a population, understanding the development and mechanics of movement, and discussing current organizations and policies that impact health are just a few of the topics students might encounter.

Our broad-based Health Sciences program includes a wide range of facilities to enable you to apply real-world examples to everything you learn in the classroom. At the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST), you can help faculty researchers make new discoveries to help runners and other athletes improve their performances. Students frequently participate in internships that help them apply their education into practice and develop important professional skills before leaving Furman. Students can also participate in study away programs to Europe, Asia, or Latin America.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Health sciences graduates have a wealth of opportunities after they graduate.


The Health Sciences Department offers two majors: Health Sciences and Public Health

Public Health Majors

Students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in either field of study, but students may not double major in Health Sciences and Public Health. Students seeking a BS degree must successfully complete all General Education Requirements consistent with the BS degree – see additional clarifications in the natural world and mathematical reasoning requirements. Students seeking a BA degree must successfully complete all General Education Requirements consistent with the BA degree – see additional clarifications in the foreign language requirements.

Use the HSC and PBH major map to find ways in which you can make the most out of your experience at Furman and the Department of Health Sciences.



How To Declare Health Sciences

1. Review the requirements for the Health Sciences degree.

2. If you know which you would like to declare (BA vs BS), complete the form by typing in your name, student ID, anticipated graduation date, and select either a BS or a BA degree athe the top right hand side. Sign the form on the back indicating you are declaring the major. Return the completed form to the HSC Department Assistant, Mrs. Lonita Stegall.

3. Complete the HSC Major Declaration Survey.

4. Once Mrs. Stegall has teh completed form and survey, she will email you to set up a time to meet with Dr. The.




Applying to the Public Health Major

1. Students apply during the spring of their sophomore year. The timeline/deadline will be updated annually. To be eligible to apply, students must have completed or be enrolled in Fundamentals of Public Health (HSC 205) at the time of application.

2. Download the Application to Public Health Major which includes personal information, names of two Furman faculty or staff references, and a personal statement. In the personal statement (maximumof 3,400 characters with spaces [approximately 500 words]), students will articulate why they are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in public health. The application should be saved in the following format: LastName+Application.pdf.

3. Prepare a resume. Save the resume in the following format: LastName+Resume.pdf.

4. Submit the application form and resume directly to Mrs. Lonita Stegall in a sinble email to

Class of 2026: Applications due Friday, January 26, 2024 at 8:30 am EST.

Applications are due in Spring of the sophomore y ear.

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