Almost as soon as ancient Athens coined the term “rhetoric”, the study of the historical and social character of communication became the very center of liberal arts education and a life of purpose. A Communication Studies degree from Furman will develop your critical thinking and speaking skills, include opportunities to study in Brussels or Edinburgh, and prepare you for literally hundreds of careers in areas ranging from television and film media to political leadership

Broadcast the latest news. Engage in thoughtful debates. Deliver powerful speeches. Advocate for causes you believe in. Our dedicated faculty will help you cultivate these skills through courses that focus on modern media and digital communications while still maintaining a strong commitment to the ethics of the rhetorical tradition. We offer the best of old and new in the field of communications: theoretical work and a sense of history combined with cutting-edge courses and facilities. We also offer credit to students who conduct independent research studies in their areas of interest, which can include anything from the use of technology by market women in Ghana to the history of television and radio broadcasting in South Carolina. Simply put, we prepare our students to take a leadership role in any career or endeavor.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Whether it be a job, starting your own business or pursuing a graduate degree, Furman is dedicated to preparing students for lives of purpose and accelerated career and community impact.

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Meet An Alumnus
"I am so glad I chose Communication Studies as one of my majors because the department has helped me grow not only as a student but also as an individual."
Mary Bradley Pazdan, '19
Meet An Alumnus
"I chose to be a Communication Studies major because I feel like this major uses all of my strong points to connect to people. My voice matters."
Cole Neely, '21
Meet An Alumnus
"The Communication Studies Department here at Furman has provided me with the platform to succeed both academically and professionally."
Jackie Faustin, '21

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Summer Experiences in Communications Studies

More than 70% of Furman students obtain internships during their academic career with guidance from faculty, career services, alumni, and our Internship Office. Furman provides students with the opportunity to apply for Summer Fellowship Funding...

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