The Teaching Fellows Program pairs students with faculty for experience in course design/development, small group facilitation, and/or content delivery. Faculty benefit by enhancing their students’ learning and gaining new perspectives on their courses, while Fellows gain valuable preparation for careers in education, coaching, leadership, professional training, or graduate teaching assistantships.

Application and Deadlines

  • Eligibility: Normally seniors or juniors with previous enrollment and excellence in the course, with a 3.0+ GPA in their major(s).
  • Compensation: $600 per semester for 4-5 hours weekly activity. Academic credit may not be awarded for the fellowship.
  • Role: Collaborative partners, not assistants for mundane tasks or course monitoring. Fellows cannot participate in the grading of academic work.
  • Application: Rolling basis until first day of class each semester; student submits app., faculty & department chair approve, CEL confirms.
  • Faculty Support: Currently there is no stipend for mentoring Fellows.

Teaching Fellowship Program Guidelines.

Apply for a teaching fellowship in the 2024-2025 academic year.

Any questions should be directed to the Director of Undergraduate Research, Dr. Erik Ching,