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Off-Campus Research Opportunities

In a typical summer, approximately one to two dozen students seek out off-campus research opportunities. They do so either because they are interested in a field in which Furman faculty mentors do not offer expertise, or because they want to broaden their horizons by being away from campus. In either case, we identify those students as “Research Interns,” because it is their responsibility to establish the relationship with the off-campus mentor and/or institution. If the research experience is unfunded, then the student can apply for support from Furman, however the application is done through the Internship Office, rather the Office of Undergraduate Research. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2020.

If a student is looking for the kinds of off-campus opportunities that are available, then we offer various resources to assist in their search. First and foremost we recommend looking at the Student Opportunity Center (SOC) site located at the bottom of our homepage. It catalogs many thousands of opportunities for undergraduate researchers.

While the SOC site offers a much more robust set of listings, here are a few opportunities that we have compiled that may serve as a starting point in your search.

Research Opportunities