The Post and Courier: “South Carolina has a lot of Montessori schools. Are they a good idea for your kid?”

March 25, 2019 | Photograph courtesy of The Post and Courier

In an editorial parenting column, The Post and Courier writes about the distinguishing factors of a Montessori education as a response to popular questions from parents. The piece cites the Riley Institute’s 2018 report findings that South Carolina had more Montessori programs than any other state with the exception of California.

“My daughter came home from school one day with a piece of black yarn taped to her shirt. I started to worry.

It was our first week sending our kids to a public Montessori school, and while I knew a bit about the educational model, the mildly ominous symbol raised a question that I know other parents have asked before: Is this some kind of cult?

I can now report with some confidence that, no, Montessori schooling is not a cult. They just do things differently.”

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