Montessori Public: Landmark study of Montessori education to be released this fall

July 27, 2016

Montessori Public acknowledges the Riley Institute’s comprehensive longitudinal study of Montessori-based education through findings, methods, and questions, along with details about the state of South Carolina.

“The Riley Institute at Furman University in South Carolina is getting ready to release the full results of the largest, most comprehensive study of Montessori education ever undertaken — a five year, $370,00 study  of 45 public Montessori programs by a prestigious educational research institution.

Montessori, as regular readers of this site will know*, is a small but growing area of educational research.  Publications such as Angeline Lillard’s Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius and the newly launched Journal of Montessori Research (profiled here on MP) have raised the standard and profile of work in this area, but studies have typically been small in scope as well as few and far between.”

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