Index Journal: ‘People come to look at our schools’ Study shows SC Montessori students outperform their peers

January 31, 2018 | Photograph courtesy of Index Journal

The Index Journal acknowledges data from a study by the Riley Institute showcasing how Montessori students achieve highly in their studies and outperform their peers.

“South Carolina’s first Montessori program in a public school opened more than 25 years ago, and now the state has the most public Montessori programs in the country. Proponents of the Montessori education model said the investment could be key to reducing the achievement gap for students in low-income households.

The data

A five- to six-yearlong study released last week by the Riley Institute at Furman University shows public Montessori school students in South Carolina consistently had higher achievement growth year over year than non-Montessori students in math, English language arts and social studies.”

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