Team Members: Mary Balbach, Leroy Chapman, Jr., Susan DeVenny, Jeannette Glenn, Mason Hardy, Irene Henderson Albritton, Dalhi Myers, Ted Speth, Ron Swinson

Recognizing, valuing, and respecting the differences between themselves and others, members of Tween came together to share their own diversity with the students of Midlands Middle College. Members of Tween visited the Midlands Middle College to learn more about the school and its students. As a result of the visit, they set their goal to use the diversity of their strengths, life experiences, and vocational journeys in order to provide assistance to the students.

Members of Tween achieved this goal by partnering with the Midlands Middle College for the 2009-2010 school year. Members of Tween plan to offer opportunities to students such as job shadowing, mentoring, and group presentations. The continuing project of Tween is for members to share their time and talents in order to strengthen the opportunities available to Middle College students.