How do I participate in the Diversity Leaders Initiative?

Participants are selected through a rigorous application and interview process after being nominated by Riley Fellows, individuals who have already graduated from DLI. Participants are selected to join the class based on their capacity to create impact within their organizations and communities. Each class is crafted to reflect the diverse demographics in South Carolina.

What is the DLI curriculum?

Designed and facilitated by Juan Johnson of Diversity Leadership in Action, DLI brings participants together one day a month for five months. A highly interactive curriculum includes case studies, scenario analyses, and other experiential learning tools that maximize interaction and discussion among participants and facilitate productive relationships.

Where do DLI classes take place?

DLI classes take place in three regions: Upstate (spring, fall), Midlands (spring), and Lowcountry (fall).

Where can I find a list of the individuals who participated in DLI?

View our Riley Fellow roster.

I’m a Riley Fellow, and my contact and/or work information has changed. How may I update it in your records?

Submit your updated information here.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

For further information, contact Megan Dodgens, Director of Diversity Leadership Strategies, at