Team Members:Anthony Dicks, Jennifer Faner, Nancy Kennedy, Jeri Kleckley, Stacey Owens, Gary Scheide, Jeff Walker

Loud sirens, big trucks, and unusual looking uniforms can create a scary and confusing situation for someone with autism. As a result, first responders, families and individuals with autism face a challenge and potential risk, when an emergency occurs. The Touch a Truck for Autism team united to provide an experience where individuals with autism can become familiar with our first responders, their uniforms, trucks, sirens and other equipment. The desired outcome is that when an emergency occurs, those in the emergency are not afraid and the first responders are quickly able to bring everyone at risk to safety. The team collaborated with Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, The City of Greenville Police Department, The City of Greenville Fire Department, Hope Academy and Einstein Academy. Our goal is to establish a program with a sustainable model that can be replicated for years to come. In addition, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, The City of Greenville Police Department and The City of Greenville Fire Department have signed on as sustainable partners for this project. We thank them for their generosity and commitment to this cause.