South Carolina is ranked 48th in the state for Financial Literacy.  Team discussion and assessment of the need for young adults to have basic financial knowledge and related skills is the foundation for this educational offering.  The group believes this curriculum will serve as a foundation for future programs of a similar nature, and engage the expertise of community leaders and volunteers as program sponsors, speakers, and faculty.  The target audience is Technical college entry-level participants 18-22 years of age, and the 30-minute program is projected to be a requirement offered during student orientation.

$mart Exchange is designed to provide teachers and/or trained professionals with an education and training curriculum.  The content is divided into four separate 30-45 minute segments.  On completion of provided curriculum participants will be able to:

  • Establish a Deposit Account Relationship
  • Balance a Personal Budget
  • Establish and Maintain Credit
  • Prevent Identity Theft / Resolve Identity Theft Issues

Applicable web-site material will be provided in addition to the teaching manual.  The site will include additional information resources that the participant may access for more detailed financial information and related education.  These resources will be available in both English and Spanish.