The Blue Pearl Club Connectors is proud to partner with Jesse Bobo Elementary School in Spartanburg to provide valuable educational opportunities to its Blue Tie and Pearls of Wisdom Clubs. Jesse Bobo is a Title I school located just inside the city limits of Spartanburg, SC. Their Blue Tie (Boys) Club and Pearls of Wisdom (Girls) Club currently consists of twelve boys and twelve girls, all in the 5th grade, who have been identified by the school’s faculty as students who would benefit from additional learning and character-building opportunities. The team is following in the footsteps of previous Diversity Leadership Initiative (DLI) alumni, The Blue Tie Club Connectors, who began this partnership with Jesse Bobo in 2016. At the time, the group focused solely on the Blue Tie Club and organized four events for students to participate in during the 2016-2017 school year. The Blue Pearl Connectors are excited to take up the torch and provide a new series of engaging learning opportunities for these deserving students. This year, the team has invited the Pearls of Wisdom Club in an effort to extend these unique experiences to the school’s young ladies.

Team representatives met with Principal Catherine Pogue who is eager to restart this community partnership. Inspired by the school’s motto, “Building knowledge that lasts a lifetime,” The Blue Pearl Club Connectors have selected four events aimed at exposing students to life lessons and skills that can best be obtained through action. The team will make use of the school’s STEM, robotics, and LEGO labs by sponsoring fun, inquiry-based learning activities that reinforce the SC Standards and also practice those skills represented in the Profile of the SC Graduate*. Utilizing community and corporate partnerships, the team will also organize activities that emphasize strategies for a healthy lifestyle and safety. All events will take place during the 2019-2020 school year.

The Blue Pearl Club Connectors is thrilled to continue this partnership and encourages future DLI groups to do the same.

*Key skills in the Profile are collaboration, communication, and higher order thinking skills