Just because you are retired, you do not have to retire from life. What are you going to do next?

Senior Leaders Greenville will inform, challenge, and empower you to become involved in your community by using your voice, wisdom, and passion.

Throughout a year-long course you will learn about issues facing the senior population in the areas of Technology, Re-education, End-of-life, Caregiving, Food and Fitness, Transportation, Senior Services, and Medical Support. The first session will be about Greenville, and the final session will address the question “What do I do now?” Throughout the sessions, you will learn how your voice can make a difference for those around you.

You will hear from community leaders and experts on a wide range of topics.

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Senior Leaders Greenville builds awareness of the essential role of seniors in the community and the critical issues they face, empowering participants to become active players seeking better lives for seniors in Greenville.

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