OLLI @ Furman gives senior adults more than just something to do! You may begin by attending a Shakespeare course, which leads to a Pen and Ink class, play bridge on Wednesday afternoon and then take a tour on Friday. Along the way you realize that learning never retires and you’ve never felt better or more engaged.

In addition to the many courses that are offered during the academic year, various committees will plan special programs that include social events, discussion groups, special interest groups, travel, and service opportunities. These programs are planned around member interests and with your participation, so please let us know what types of programs you would like offered.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, share your life experiences, get involved with a committee and take that math class you avoided when you were a teen. The more involved you become, the richer and fuller OLLI @ Furman becomes, as well as, the richer and fuller your life becomes!

Meet Our Staff

Contact our staff to find out how OLLI can help you meet your lifelong learning goals.

History of OLLI

Learn about the evolution of OLLI, from our founding as FULIR in 1993 with 62 members to our current program with over 2600 members.