Do I have to be an OLLI member? No. This program is open to all seniors in Greenville.

Do I have to have a college degree to sign up for Senior Leaders Greenville? No. You just need to have a passion or interest in learning more about your community and getting involved.

What does the $350 fee include? Nine day-long education sessions with experts, activists and community leaders; tours and bonus events; lunch each day; orientation and graduation events; and all class materials.

Are scholarships available to help me pay the fee? Up to 10 scholarships are available. There is a box on the application form to indicate your need.  We will follow up with an application for scholarship support.

Can I get a refund? Your serious commitment to the program is important and for that reason no refunds will be given after September 3.

Do I have to attend all the classes? We understand missing a class can sometimes be unavoidable. But if you miss more than two sessions you will not be able to graduate from Senior Leaders Greenville.

Can I bring a friend or family member to a class they may be interested in? No. You will be able to bring a guest to graduation. If you have friends interested in these topics, please encourage them to apply for next year’s class.

Where will these Day Programs take place? Some will be located on the Furman Campus and others will be held at sites in Greenville relevant to the topic for that day.

When are the sessions? Orientation is in late August.  Course sessions will run September-May, usually on the second Friday of each month.  There will be community experiences participants will be encouraged to attend during the year, and a graduation luncheon in May.

Why do I have to fill out an application form? How will they be judged? It is important to know that an applicant has an interest/passion for senior issues, and that they actively want to get involved in helping to address the special issues, problems and opportunities of “seniorhood.” A team of staff and volunteers will review each application. The questions are designed to help them select a diverse and dedicated class. Applications are due by June 1.

How were the topics chosen? They are largely based on the South Carolina’s State Plan on Aging, which is administered by the Lt. Governor’s Office.

Who is administering the program? Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ Furman staff along with a Steering Committee comprised of SLG graduates will administer the program.

What is expected of me when I graduate? Senior Leaders Greenville graduates will become advocates and change-makers, representing the senior population in many ways. You may decide to join a board; advocate for an issue; lobby legislators; attend civic meetings and speak out for seniors; serve on a planning commission; run for office; start a new business for seniors; or something else of your own creation.

Why Senior Leaders Greenville? For some, retirement brings a loss of purpose and passion after a lifetime of family, career and the obligations these commitments command. For many relocating to Greenville from around the country, learning about their new home is important. Going through Senior Leaders Greenville may provide the tools to help these seniors find a new fulfillment in retirement.