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  • Does the Citrix Receiver work off-campus?  Yes, it works the same off-campus as it does on-campus.
  • Can I connect to my virtual storage while off-campus?  Yes, the above instructions for transferring and saving files will walk you through the process.
  • Is there a way to access my applications if I do not have the Citrix Receiver installed?  Yes, you can access the Citrix Receiver and all of your applications through any web browser.  Please view the instructions for using virtual desktops through a web browser.
  • Can I print from my applications?  Yes, if you choose to print your file it will go into the student print queue.  You can pick up your print out by swipping your Furman ID card on one of the many student printers.  If you are off-campus you can print to a PDF, save your file, and print it locally.
  • Can I save and access files on a USB drive? Yes, the Citrix Receiver will recognize any USB drive connected to your computer.  Your applications will be able to open files from a USB drive and save files back to the drive.

Known Issues:

There are currently no known issues with the virtual environment.