Faculty FAQ

How do I reset my password?
See our Accounts & Passwords page.

What technology resources are available to Furman faculty?

See our list of IT Services and information on our communication and collaboration pages. We also have instructional technologists who work directly with faculty. If you’d like to speak with an instructional technologist, please call the IT Service Center.

I want to get this software, will ITS help?

We’ll do our best to help, but with so many different software programs and apps, we’re not experts on everything. We can provide the best help and support for our recommended software. 

My office computer is getting old. When will I get a new one?
Most faculty computers are on a four-year replacement cycle. You may request a new computer after your current computer is four years old. You can use the e-request system to look up when your computer was installed, and request a new one. The IT Service Center can also help.

Who should I call about _________?

There is no one ITS staff member who knows everything about Furman information technology. Each ITS staff member is responsible for a number of IT services and has secondary responsibilities. That’s how we provide quick solutions when some ITS staff need to be away. Please call the IT Service Center, and we’ll connect you with the best technologist available.