Communication Tools

Furman provides a number of technology tools for communications.

Email and Calendar

Furman uses Microsoft Office 365 for our email and calendar services. For more information about Office 365, see the IT Self Help guide .

Emails to Large Groups

Need to mail a large number of people? There are email limits in Office 365, and there are more efficient ways to handle large mailings. If you’re e-mailing large groups off-campus, you’ll need to be sure to comply with anti-spam laws. Contact the IT Service Center, and we’ll be happy to help.

Campus Announcements

MyFurman is the one-place for all your personal Furman information, and also the place to post campus announcements. For information about how to post announcements in MyFurman, please see the IT Self Help guide.

Digital Signs

Digital signs through-out campus provide information and wayfinding. Messages on these signs are maintained by the sponsoring department, and by Marketing and Public Relations. If you’d like your message to appear on campus digital signs, please contact University Communications. If your department would like a digital sign, please contact the IT Service Center .

Telephone and Voicemail

Furman provides a campus telephone and voicemail service for faculty and staff. For information about using Furman telephones or voicemail, please see our IT Self Help guide. If you need to move, add, or change a phone, please contact the IT Service Center.

Web Sites

Furman uses Microsoft Sharepoint as its web content management system for University and department web sites. We also provide a service for faculty and staff to create personal web sites (the personal web service is called “eWeb”.) Please see our IT Self Help Guide for more information about web sites, or contact the IT Service Center .

In addition to these tools and services, you may want to investigate our collaboration tools for faculty and staff.