Technology Life Cycle

Technology Purchases
University policy 370.1 designates Information Technology Services as responsible for purchasing, or leasing, computer hardware, software, telecommunication equipment, multimedia equipment, and information technology services. Information Technology Services also maintains the inventory of University-owned computers.

The University generally purchases a new computer for one of these reasons:

  • replacement of a computer on a budgeted replacement cycle,
  • an approved addition to University’s inventory of computers on the replacement cycle, or
  • a computer purchased with grant funding (generally not added to a replacement cycle)

The University purchases Energy Star compliant equipment when possible.

Replacement cycle
Classroom computers and computer labs are replaced after three years. Other University computers, such as those used by the majority of faculty and staff, are replaced, upon requeston an “as needed” basis.

Computer replacement requests
Faculty and staff who would like to have their computer evaluated for upgrade or replacement may contact the IT Service Center. For more about the replacement process, please see the ITS Help guide for technology purchases.

Surplus computers and recycling
Old computers that have been replaced must be returned to Information Technology Services. Information Technology Services follows procedures outlined in University policy 371.1 for “Property Control”.

If you’d like to find out more about replacing a University computer, please contact the IT Service Center.