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The Master of Arts in Strategic Design, held in collaboration with the Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center of Atlanta, provides students with an advanced understanding of art and communication theory and their application through a portfolio school model. This model will replicate a creative professional environment allowing graduates to enter the job market with hands-on, professional experience and a portfolio, as well as an established network of industry contacts, ready to begin their creative careers.

Types of Courses Offered
  • The Furman University courses will focus on typography, communication and composition, and design thinking.
  • The Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center courses will focus on creative and strategic thinking, design and design narratives, content and content creation (in media and in type), and a portfolio and practicum component.
  • Some terms will have a reflection/vision point component led online by Furman faculty with guest seminar speakers from leaders in the advertising/design world.

Students will spend their first summer term in Greenville, South Carolina, at Furman University. Three of the remaining four terms will be housed at the partner location, Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center of Atlanta. The final term of practicum will be held at Furman or based on practicum placement either at MAS-PC or in the industry. 22 of the proposed 42 credits in the program will be taught, directed, or supervised by Furman faculty.

Students in the MA-SDG will
  • Be able to analyze and understand a business’ (brand, service, startup or non-profit’s) communication and development needs.
  • Develop strategies and create projects that align with the desired purpose and social change dictated by the client.
  • Understand the tools used in the industry to create, message, and analyze the effectiveness of a project.
  • Participate in real-world, engaged projects to understand how to communicate and relate their ideas to an audience.
  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio that demonstrates prior learning and creative capabilities within the field.
Admission requirements
  • Competency in Digital Technology (i.e. Photoshop or like platforms) as measured by proficiency exam, or taken in a prerequisite 2 credit course provided in May Experience Term at Furman.
  • Minimum Undergraduate GPA: 2.5 (2.75 preferred) or with permission of the Program Director upon application and/or appeal.
  • Portfolio: Must demonstrate appropriate material for prospective track
  • Statement of Intent (500 words)
  • Admission Interview

Tuition: Tuition for the 2019-20 school year will be $8,250 per term for a total of $41,250 for the five-term degree program.

Scholarships are not available for the master’s program through Furman University. However, students enrolled in the program could be eligible for financial aid through graduate level Federal loan programs.