What is a Master of Arts in Strategic Design?

We have pulled together four departments at Furman including Business, Communications, English, and Art to create a program that gives you an authentic depth and breadth of an M.B.A. program and an M.F.A. in design within an M.A. Furman’s departments will provide a deep understanding of theory, audience, and analysis to think globally about design.

This five-term, 42-credit program provides students with an advanced understanding of art and communication theory and their application through a portfolio school model. This model will replicate a creative professional environment allowing graduates to enter the job market with hands-on, professional experience and a portfolio, as well as an established network of industry contacts, ready to begin their creative careers.

All of the courses are a balance of theory and practical application. A heavy emphasis is placed on strategic marketing concepts like consumer behavior, segmentation, distribution and integrated communications as they relate to creative outcomes. This approach translates into a robust premier portfolio to position you for premier agencies/firms in the creative industry in the world.

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Student Experiences

Our ability to bring unique and personally crafted experiences to our students is built into our DNA at Furman. It is a commitment and mindset that sets our program and graduates apart.

Developing Creative Talent

Furman’s Master of Arts in Strategic Design offers experiences designed to foster your adaptation to the changing job market and provide you with a network of industry connections for your transition into a creative career.

Internship & Practicum

Students will have the opportunity to engage in an internship in the field during their summer term, but it is not guaranteed or needed for graduation. Students can create portfolio work through individual experiences within our practicum. They will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professor to develop their project and receive feedback at their critique.

Some past internship experiences involved: Brighthouse, Coca Cola, Chick-fil-A, Sapien RazerFish, Carter’s Kids and Baby, Atlanta Hawks, Momentum, AKQA, R/GA, Georgia Pacific Corp, DMLU&R, Realm, Chemistry, KIDS II, PrincipleHugeOgilvy, Brothers, Fize Co, CNN, Turner, Adult Swim and many more.

Mentoring & Advising

The instructors in the Masters of Art in Strategic Design are research faculty from the prestigious Furman University and professionals in their field.

Career Opportunities

This is what it’s all about at the end of the day. Do you want an unfair advantage in a creative career? We do!

Not only do our classes prepare you for your career but your last semester is spent perfecting your portfolio, so that you can land your dream career.

This program is designed to prepare graduates to:

Understand the role of creative thinking through the lens of leadership and innovation in tracks of Art Direction, Copywriting and Design.

Effectively connect across the design field in order to show how a 50/50 mindset in design and strategy can illustrate why a logo is aesthetically pleasing but will also create a higher return on investment, ROI, for a company. Demonstrate competency and critical thinking in Art Direction, Copywriting and Design.

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